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Status report

So not much new to report.  Lost a pound last week (Yay me).  These basketball trips are killing me – free food at yummy restaurants like Fuddruckers and Red Robin…who can pass THAT action up?  All in all I do feel pretty good though so that is a plus.  DM has been losing weight since hitting the gym in January – he was getting ready for class the other day and busted out his dress belt and found that he was TWO HOLES in from where he was last time he wore the belt!  Lucky.  I wish I had that response to weight loss.  Heck, I would even take weight redistribution hahaha.  All jesting aside, though, it is really about getting healthy and fit again for me…numbers on a scale…. they don’t really mean too much when compared to how it feels to be able to run a flight of stairs no problem or throw Jaylin in the air or put her in her carseat without dying (the bigger she gets I tell you – the HARDER it definitely gets!)  THAT i what Ia m aiming for.  And if my sis has to come visit because I win the contest that is an awesome bonus 🙂  And I guess even if i lose and have to go clean her place then it is still a perk cuz I will get to see her 🙂

More later!



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