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Well I see I have a lot to learn about the blogging world…for starters: how to format things so that the text is laid out how i envision it….my last post showed up as a huge chunk of text…and as I typed it, it definitely had line and paragraph spaces in it.  I know I could ask the hubby but….I feel like I am always asking him things like that.  Sometimes I wish it would just come to me – like in a dream or something haha.

So in coupon news…I scored some reasonable cheap pampers the other day at Walgreens.  Not sure how I got onto the pampers/huggies mailing list cuz it was so long ago but those few coupons I get every now and again are sure better than the average online ones 🙂  I definitely recomment new moms to sign up for as much of that as you can – especially when Walgreens has register rewards that match up – that is always a happy day in our house.  They do it the best when you can roll the rewards too.  Gotta love it.

I need to go to the store – we have been eating out WAY too much these days.  It is hard tho – when you get those cravings they hit hard!  At least that is how I reason with myself haha.

More to come.  For now I am signing off.




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