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whew – what a weary one am I

Well after a full day working with the hubby I am ready to call it a day..and it is only 5:30pm.  Oh – yeah – and Jaylin decided to wait to nap until 3:45 today soooooooo sleep tonight should be a joyous tug of war with my little wide-awake sweetie pie.  Anyone ever try to convince a 2 year old that bed time really means bed time when they are bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready for an adventure?  Take it from me…NOT EASY!  I know this first hand…especially since the last 3 nights in a row have played out like this:

7:30 pm – Jaylin come on it is time for your tub!

7:45 pm – Jaylin honey here is your night-night drink; lets watch a few more minutes of March of the Penguins then go to bed ok.

8:00 pm – she is in bed


9:00 pm – she is soothed, diaper changed, and back in bed

9:30 pm – DADDDDDDYYYYYYY!  MOMMMMMYYYYY!  Toys 🙂 play 🙂  I want down 🙂

10:45 pm – SLEEP AT LAST

What’s a tired mom to do?  Especially when the little imp in the next room is so excited to see you and play with  you…even if it IS ten pm lol.

More to come.




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