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Yesterday’s Events

Yesterday was….for some reason a crazy day.  I think it all started the night before when I came downstairs to find water dripping from the ceiling to the soaked carpet patch below.  Here’s a few of the events that transpired yesterday:

7:30 – woke and frantically cleaned house

9:00 – landlord came to fix leak

9:30 – COFFEE

10:30 – made soup and sandwiches for lunch/dinner

11:30 – my friend Julie came for lunch

3:30 – Jaylin woke from her her nap but we soon entered the “Tantrum zone”

5:00 – have had no less than 6 whopping confrontations with Jaylin.  Derrick finally done with work.

5:15 – Jaylin accidentally whops me in the head as I am leaning to kiss her head giving me a fat lip

5:16 – Mommy Meltdown

5:30 – head to Wendy’s for consolation junk food

Luckily today was a bit smoother.  Life.  When it happens it HAPPENS.




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