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An intro to my plan

So a brief intro – between kids crying and runny noses and bedtimes – to my plan for the next three months:

I struggle with follow through. So does Derrick. And neither of us wants that to be the legacy that we leave for our children. That is why we chose the word discipline to be our New Year’s resolution. Instead of a laundry list of things that we would inevitable give up as the months rolled by, we opted for one word that we felt could lead us in a whole new direction if we truly committed to applying it to all areas of our lives.

With a new baby and work up the wazoo, though, I have really missed the mark so far – which is why I am determined to put a plan into action now. The experts say that it takes an average of 21 days to solidify a new habit: I have identified three areas – family, personal, and health – that I want to cultivate stellar habits in, and I am giving myself 21 days to master a habit in each area, for three “rounds.” Here is my thought:

Weeks 1-3 are the first round of habits for each area of life. Weeks 4-6 are the second round of habits, but they will build on the first round. Weeks 7-9 are the final round of habits, and they too will build off of the previously solidified habits so that after the 9 weeks have passed, I will have 9 excellent habits under my belt. I will then give myself 3 additional weeks (to make it an even 3 months) to really cement those 9 habits into my day to day life.

I plan to begin this regimen next Monday, the 11th, and will be revealing the habits I have chosen for the first three weeks soon.

Until then,
JP (I have decided to close with this tagline form now on…it is a long story but it is something that identifies with who I am, both past present and future) đŸ™‚


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