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Wednesday, April 13, 2011 – DAY THREE

Today dawned clear and beautiful – DEFINITELY a park day I am thinking!  I need coffee, though, and even this sunny day will be brighter and more sun-filled haha.

I plan to pick up a paper this morning to do coupons with this afternoon; to kick things off I also ordered some coupons on eBay which should be here soon.  Now, I am sure there are those that think, “Buying coupons?  Doesn’t that totally go against the whole premise of saving money?”  And to that I would say a resounding “no.”  The truth is, that if I spend, say, $6 on a packet of 20 diaper coupons, all between $1-$3 off, then I am DEFINITELY getting my money’s worth in the end 🙂  Living in Montana, we do not have access to all the inserts that a lot of the major newspapers and cities do, so I have to look elsewhere to make sure I am maximizing my saving opportunities.





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