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In the words of Sesame Street, “Let’s re-think the day!”

Well, the memory game was not quite the hit I had been hoping for…it printed out really well but I think she is just a wee bit young for the concept. Although, we did have a really good chat about the general CONCEPT of matching, which was good. The more I work with her in the areas of learning, the more I am convinced and excited about our decision to homeschool our kids – at least for the first few years to give them a really rock solid foundation. She is so curious and bright! We had fun and just made up our own rules as we played – good times for all.

My coupons from eBay came today (a few at least) and I am already excited because a few I was hoping for were in the pack. I think we will do another shopping trip when we run family errands on Saturday.

The girls are both sleeping and I think I can FINALLY get some work done.



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