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Thursday, April 14th

Day before taxes are due, and I am sure glad that FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER I had my ish together – a week early no less!  Crazy, I know!  SO nice not to be frantically gathering loose receipts and tracking business expenses the day before everything is due.

So – on to the daily report.  Day four.  Gotta admit, no flossing last night or this morning.  However, I DID remember to brush (which as other mommies will know, is an amazing feat some days).  Jaylin’s Memory card activity is still a go (see Tuesday’s blog post for the link) but I need to print out the cards still and cut them out.  She just laid down so as soon as baby falls asleep I will do that.

We went to the store today – coupons in hand – and I learned something: IT TAKES HOURS TO COUPON SHOP WITH A 2-YEAR-OLD!  OMG never again will I do that unless I have a “teammate” on board lol.  I think next week I will be up with the birds to go before the kids get up.  Waaaaaaaaaay too stressful.  Especially w/ only 1 cup of coffee in the system.  Which, by the way, I think I broke some sort of record yesterday: 72 OUNCES OF COFFEE! 7 shots of espresso between every cup!  OMG.  Too much; even for me!  But back to shopping.  We did pretty good but I am still learning to be sure.  However, at our Smiths, Annie’s organic cereal (normally almost $4.50 a pop) was on sale (a surprise to me) for BOGO, and as I looked at the boxes, I saw that they all had $1 off coupons on them!  WHAT A TREAT!  They ended up being only like $1.25 or something crazy like that each!  Definitely worth checking out if you have a Smiths near you!

More later.




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