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Somewhere between worn out and crazy

This is where I find myself.  Tired. Over-caffeinated, yet never energized. Highly sensitive but somehow on autopilot. Feeling the pressure of all that is yet to do but unable to do any of it. My mental blocks are taking over my life…what’s a gal to do? I’d say retail therapy but then…I would need money to do that, and as there is not much of that floating around free these days, it becomes just another something to worry and wonder about.  Ah the irony of it all!

Our trip to Spokane was good.  The drive back was long, and ended in an epic barf session in which my Jaylin played the starring backseat role and her car seat played the unwitting victim to the onslaught of…well, of what seemed to be apples. TMI, I know.  But when, today, after a beautiful day of sun I get into my car only to be greeted by the baked-in scent of lysol, febreeze, and vomit, I remember, “Oh yeah…Life happens.” lol.

Nevertheless I am excited to see what life holds.  Here’s to hope, and to that thin thread of grace that keeps me moving forward each day.




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