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Social Media Boot Camp

Unfortunately, I am completely illiterate and uneducated when it comes to the language of social media and the understanding of how it all works. Fortunately, I have a proverbial “arrow in my quiver” in this area: Social Nectar. Connie Cermak, the head “social hummingbird” of Social Nectar, will be working with me to increase my knowledge base and help get me on the right track. We met today for the first time and my head is still swimming from the great insights she had for my business and the extensive knowledge that poured out of her like…well…sweet nectar 🙂 I am fortunate to have her at my side, and would encourage anyone looking to branch out into the world of social media to give her a call; it will definitely be money well spent!




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One thought on “Social Media Boot Camp

  1. Thank you Jennah! It’s all my pleasure working with someone as talented as you are. I love that you’re such a quick study too. I hope that you’ll give me the privilege of having you as a guest blogger on my blog! I would be so excited. See you soon for lesson number two!

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