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Moon Dough – This Mommy’s Candid Review

A typical package of Moon Dough

Moon Dough: A product I am not so "over the moon" about

Touted as being a “hot favorite for Christmas 2010,” Moon Dough made its entrance onto the moldable dough and putty scene as a bright, seemingly magical substance that claims to never dry out and to have hypo-allergenic properties. While that may well be true, my experience with the product has been anything but magical.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the product, Moon Dough ( is a “magical molding dough” that promises to blow the minds of kids both big and small. Considered safe for children ages three and older, Moon Dough is simultaneously squishy and soft, sticky and crumbly, easy to play with and hard to mold with. My three year old loves mashing and squishing anything she can get her hands on, so to her it was a great product. For me, though, I could have been much more impressed.

First, it is a mess waiting to happen. Unlike Silly Putty or Play-Doh, Moon Dough crumbles and continually tends towards small particles versus wanting to stay put in clumps…needless to say, in mere seconds the table and floor were both covered in bright blue crumbs that – thanks to the “magical” texture of the dough – proved very difficult to pick up bare-handed. Fortunately, the puppies were on hand and made short work of all dropped pieces. Unfortunately, I am sure there will be negative digestive ramifications tomorrow. At least my husband is in charge of poo scooping and not I.

Second, the product really does not hold up to its tagline of “…molding dough.” My daughter and I attempted to use the mold that came with the dough but, try as I might, every time I pressed the dough onto the mold, the edges crumbled; every time I went to remove the dough and reveal the imprinted design, it crushed inward onto itself, thus creating a highly imperfect finished product at best.

While I am sure there are many that love Moon Dough, we will be sticking to Play-Doh and Silly Putty. Should we get a hankering for a funky yet fun substance that makes a glorious mess, we will stick with the tried and true (and cheap) cornstarch and water trick. This is one kids’ product that, in my book, misses the mark completely.

– Jennah Mitchell


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