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Andrew McMillen – An Article For Freelancers

Andrew McMillen, an Australia-based freelance journalist, recently wrote an excellent article about what it takes to be a successful freelance writer. I love what he says about the inquisitive nature of human beings, and the fact that – as he puts it – “Curiosity is currency.” It is an insightful, unique, and very true way of looking at life…especially life as a writer, or as someone who depends on new ideas and fresh insights to keep their career or hobby alive.

I also really appreciated his thoughts on the importance of defining the line between work and the personal aspects of life. As a freelance writer myself, and also as a mom to two little girls and a wife of a small business owner, I fall prey too often to the demands of a busy schedule and to the burden that goes along with being available to my clients and to my work 24/7. McMillen says,”You need to respect boundaries, both for yourself and for those closest to you…” What a valuable reminder to us all!

The link to his article is – I hope you enjoy!


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One thought on “Andrew McMillen – An Article For Freelancers

  1. Thanks for reading Jennah! Glad you liked it

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