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I Was Part of a Twitter Party…and I LOVED It!

Recently I attended my first Twitter party, and – while I felt like the dunce in the corner as the smarter kids in the class totally passed me by, it was a great lesson for me in how Twitter parties can connect you with other like-minded people over a brief yet focused time span.

Sponsored by @MomCentral and filed under #FallTips, the party was all about discussing cleaning and healthy living tips and tricks in an effort to promote the Whirlpool and Affresh brands. Moms and dads alike weighed on on such questions as “How to you keep your family hydrated” and “How do you save energy;” the discussions were peppered with re-tweets and prize giveaways, and I am proud to say that I was a pre-party winner of a fabulous Affresh gift package! I am so excited for  it to arrive, but I am even more excited about how awesome it was to get to experience firsthand what a Twitter party is like.

Not only did I have the chance to follow people who may never have come up on the Twitter “to-follow” suggestion page, but I also was able to gain some valuable tidbits to use on my own home (Who knew that microwaving a glass bowl filled with lemon juice and water could do wonders for cleaning out the microwave!). I highly  encourage anyone who has yet to get involved in the Twitter community in this way to seize the opportunity the next time one presents itself – you will not be disappointed!



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