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Preemies – The World’s Small Miracles

A recent article by Parents announced that the United States is improving in terms of the number of premature births that happen here each year. While this is very exciting and is something that is great food for thought during November – as it is National Prematurity Awareness Month – it raises for me some pressing questions regarding birth and infant mortality as a whole.

As a mom to two little girls that were born healthy and practically spot-on when it came to their due dates, it is easy for me to take for granted the blessing that their births were to me and my husband. This was made very clear to me when one of my best friends had her little girl – their first child – two months early, and life changed forever for them as parents.

They live in Seattle and, fortunately, had access to some of the best medical staff and technology available today; this contributed greatly to the quick growth and maturity that their daughter experienced in her stay at the Neonatal Care Unit. From warming beds to intense monitoring systems to round-the-clock care, she was provided with the best chance to flourish and thrive that modern medicine had to give.

My friend has since begun a campaign called the Painted Diaper to raise both awareness and financial aid for babies born prematurely across the world – specifically in the country of Haiti, where orphanages and hospitals that are capable of offering top-of-the-line care for prematurely-born babies are few and far between. She has partnered with an orphanage called God’s Littlest Angels in an effort to help purchase much-needed warming beds for their NICU care center.

As I think about the advances our country and other like us make each year, it also reminds me of all the places in the world that still need help setting up even basic preemie care facilities. Babies are, without a doubt, one of life’s greatest joys and blessings, and I want to live my life in such a way the at the end I can say “I did something to help those that could not help themselves.”

I am very excited about the Painted Diaper project, and I am sure that you are too. If you want to donate to their wonderful cause, you can do so here.


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