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You’ve Been So Faithful

I am not one to wax eloquent on matters of Scripture – I leave this to skilled and extremely gifted Biblical scholars and preachers such as Levi Lusko, Mike Jones, and countless others that are impacting the world for Christ on a daily basis. However, as a mom and as a wife, my life comes equipped with countless pockets of grace that are ripe for the proverbial picking.

Just the other day I sat thinking about how blessed my husband and I are. We have never had to search for work – it has always come to us, whether through referrals or simply being at the “right place at the right time.” We have branched out into the world of business-ownership, and while that has definitely brought with it a large measure of financial uncertainty, we have always had our needs met and had enough to be able to feel we can share that blessing with others. All of this, and still I am so undeserving of it all. I complain. I worry. I try to do things on my own strength without leaning on God or even praying. I get short-tempered with my kids and irritated at my husband and family. How is it that even in the midst of my failure to measure up that God is still so faithful?

The word faithful is a “many-splendored thing;” it means so much and yet so often I say the word without even taking the time to think about what it really means. Faithful is defined (among many things) as:

  • Steady in allegiance or affection; loyal; constant
  • Reliable, trusted, or believed
  • Adhering or true to a fact, a standard, or an original; accurate

The last definition really speaks to me. It implies that there was an original standard that someone is committed to maintaining no matter what. For the relationship I have with Christ, this helps me understand a little about WHY He is so faithful despite my sinfulness – He is approaching me not as the sinner that I am, but as the saved person I am now, and the perfect being I will one day be because of Him. That is the standard and benchmark that He is operating off of. Meanwhile, I have eyes only for the inadequacies of this life and this body, disallowing me to see things as God sees them. What a beautiful saving grace we have! How truly blessed we are to have a Father in heaven that sees BEYOND us into what He knows we are becoming – all because He loved us enough to die to pay for all that we so sinfully owe.

I pray peace for all of God’s saved children today, that you may rest in the knowledge that your Lord is, indeed, faithful.


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