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Bullman’s Pizza: Mediocre Service Paired With Phenomenal Food

Bullman’s Pizza, an excellent addition to the North side of Kalispell, is well loved for its expansive menu, fresh ingredients, and its stellar location. Toss in its delicious gluten-free offerings and you have a recipe for a great night out. My most recent trip – with review in mind – went much like my past visits; below are my findings.

The restaurant has posted a B- food service rating, which called a few things to mind. First, I assume that the open, wood-fired cooking process would lend a certain measure of cleanliness issues, such as ash and other airborne particles that would settle throughout the facility. However, as the kitchen is very small compared to larger restaurants, and as the dining area is – by typical standards – fairly small, it is not entirely unreasonable to expect that they attain a higher rating in the future.

There were three people on staff when we arrived at 3:10 pm; since the restaurant has a seat-yourself policy, we did so and proceeded to wait over ten minutes before we were greeted beyond a passing glance and a menu tossed our direction. As the restaurant was far from being full, this slow service left me and my dining partner more than a little puzzled. When someone arrived to take our order, we were disheartened to find that they were already out of gluten-free crust, even though the dinner rush was hours away.

We placed our order for three things we had never tried before – something tough to do, as we go there often. Eventually we settled on a Greek salad, their Tomato, Garlic, and Basil pizza, and their Garnet pizza, which is a mouthwatering blend of prosciutto, mushrooms, arugula, and more.

The salad arrived promptly, both large in size and delightfully filled with feta, Greek olives, pepperoncinis, and an abundance of dressing. The best part about the dressing is that it comes on the side, allowing you full control over how much or how little goes onto your salad. Not only does this prevent the salad from getting soggy as the meal progresses, but it also makes sharing a breeze.

When the pizzas arrived – both in the medium size the restaurant offers – they were the perfect temperature for immediate tasting, which we did, with melted cheese stringing from plate to mouth with every delicious bite. The restaurant is not one to skimp on the cheese, but knows to go light on the sauce, allowing every ingredient to make its voice heard with each delectable bite.

The simplicity of the tomato, garlic, and basil pizza was made into a fabulous dish by the sheer size and juiciness of the tomato slices. Likewise, the Garnet pizza was an earthy gem whose wood-fired crust paired perfectly with the smoky flavor of the prosciutto and mushrooms.

All in all it was a good trip; I have awarded it the following ratings based on a 1-10 scale, with a 1 being equivalent to warmed-over truck stop food and a 10 being equivalent to the finest resort dining available.

Overall Price: It is not a cheap date, to be sure – our lunchtime dining experience cost over $30, garnering a price review of 6.5/10

Overall Food Quality: The ingredients were, for the most part, fresh and not overdone, thus a rating of 9/10

Overall Atmosphere and Experience: Unnecessarily slow service and mediocre ambiance contributed to a rating of 5/10

Average Rating: 7/10


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