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Creating A Content Marketing Culture

Content management is usually associated with the concept of customers, which makes sense.  However, it is important to understand that customers are not your only stakeholders, and it is even more important to provide appropriate content for all your readers.  In order to create a content marketing culture that is successful, you need to follow a few simple rules.

First, it is important to “understand and respect the current culture.”  The focus of this concept is continual innovation in respect to your current audience. This will, of course, change as society changes.  While it is important to remember your past, you need to continue inventing new content marketing that will remain relevant to your readers.
It is also important to have clear communication goals that will direct the focus of your marketing efforts no matter what your target audience or message vehicle may be.  You can get everyone on the same page by inviting your contributors, both internal and external, to discuss your company’s goals. Getting everyone on the same page will not only improve the content they are creating, but it will help present a focused marketing outreach that spreads a unified message throughout all channels.

According to an article that appeared on, the Content Marketing Institute discovered that approximately 93% of professionals in the marketing field intend to create content marketing programs within the next year.  Whether you are blogging, tweeting, or simply posting articles on your social media pages, you are most likely creating brand awareness and buzz about your company, your products, or your services.
Brand awareness acts as a social SEO tool that pairs the online search rankings of your content with the verbiage, images, or other content that a potential customer calls to mind when they hear your name or remember something from your brand. When you think about laundry detergent, does Tide come to mind? When you think about online shopping, do you recall sites such as Etsy or Amazon?
Content marketing helps you attract your target audience and then keeps them coming back for more.

Some of the most simple ways to start a content marketing campaign include how-to articles, photos and videos that showcase your work, or even interviews with ley players in your organization.  All can create buzz about your business, resulting in an effective content marketing strategy.

The author, Stephanie, is a freelance writer that specializes in writing medical and business-related content. topics.  She draws inspiration from her life experiences and her vast work history in fields ranging from small business, corporate America, and freelance writing.


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