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Content Curation: The new wave of content marketing and company brand promotion

Is content curation a passing trend or is it something that will be around for a while? While creating original content is ideal, it is also time consuming, which is why content curation is rapidly growing in popularity.

What is content curation?

Content curation involves finding quality content that may be of interest to an audience, adding valuable commentary, and distributing that information to others. It allows you to become a trusted resource in your area of expertise and with the right tools, that information can be captured and distributed to a captive audience.

Take a moment to think about the impact of Pinterest. Although Pinterest may be considered a social media site, it has certainly become an incredible advertising tool as well. Users create accounts and start “pinning” items they think are worth sharing or that they simply find interesting. Their followers can click on the items and then be taken to that specific website or blog post.

Making curation work for you

Unfortunately, there is no Content Curation for Dummies on the market as of yet, so getting your feet wet and studying the tools available may be the best way to start.

When considering a curation tool, look for the following features:

·       Allows you to easily search for applicable content

·       Efficiently allows you to add commentary to that content

·       Provides a variety of options for presenting and distributing content

·       Provides support and feedback

Content curation may not be ideal for every business or website idea. It will likely take some time and effort to build a successful platform, but it is definitely a popular idea worth investing in.


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