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An Interesting Look At Software Copy Protection

Software developers walk a fine line between satisfying their customers and fighting piracy. If you are a developer, there is no question that you need software copy protection. Yet the wrong type of protection can make it difficult for customers to access what they rightfully purchased. That leaves many developers wondering about the future of software copy protection.

While you should expect to see varying degrees of protection into the future, there are several features to watch for when narrowing down your choices. This is especially applicable in today’s world, where individuals and freelance companies are stepping into software development more and more, and where the risk of having date stolen or reproduced continues to grow as well.

Ease of Use

Developers of software copy protection programs understand that there are a wide range of applications to protect. They realize that software developers are looking for a sense of ease when integrating protection with their applications. Copy protection should set up quickly, yet be fully customizable. Watch for protection programs that let you install them without changing any lines of source code, whether it is software or hardware-based.

This ease of use is precisely what makes the future of software copy protection so bright. People want things to work quickly and as effortlessly as possible, which is why easily-adaptable protection programs are a must for all companies.

Both Hardware and Software Protection

The future of software copy protection should allow you to protect your software whether it is hardware-based or software-based. Although the highest amount of security is achieved with a hardware-based solution, your customers’ firewall can prevent USB devices from working.

Backwards Compatibility

If you developed your software in, say, the early 90’s, you should not have to worry whether or not any new software copy protection will be compatible with older copy. Expect to see complete backwards compatibility, without the need to make any changes, no matter when your software was originally protected. This means that the future holds nothing but ease of use, the ability to transition seamlessly to new products and technology, and more.


What good is software copy protection if you do not know how to use it? Look for a provider that offers free integration support and user support. If you are a software vendor, you may want to share your protection amongst other vendors, splitting the cost. Look for protection that provides this service. Providers are becoming more aware of what developers are looking for when choosing protection, making it easier for you to protect your copy in the future.

Angie Friedel is a freelance writer living in Milwaukee, WI. She enjoys dividing her time between writing, reading, and spending time with her three year-old-daughter.

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2 thoughts on “An Interesting Look At Software Copy Protection

  1. Nice article. Have you looked at CryptoLicensing ?

    It offers good licensing and copy protection.

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