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Is a sub-par rough draft a good starting point or not?

When it comes to getting ideas down on paper, many people tend to think that it does not matter how good the spelling, punctuation, organization, or layout is at first, so long as the gist of the subject matter is present. For others, striving for a semblance of perfection from the beginning is the foundation of a fantastic finished piece with minimal editing required.


While I think there are perks to both side of this writing “coin,” I tend to lean more toward the second school of thought. For me, it does not take too much additional effort to, say, correct a blatant misspelling or re-organize a sentence or two that make better sense in another area of the document. This is especially easy when writing a rough draft directly into a computer program like TextEdit or Word.


Regardless of where you stand on the issue, there is one thing that should never go overlooked: when in doubt, just WRITE! And never be ashamed to have someone else look things over to help you edit it later, especially if you really need to be sure that the finished product is picture perfect.





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