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Finding time to write in my busy schedule

Between the kids, puppies, multiple businesses and never enough sleep, it is a wonder that I ever find time to work or write for fun at all. But – just as there always seems to be enough spare change in my car for a cup of coffee, there is always a moment or two in my day where I can jot down a thought or spend a few precious minutes chipping away on a project. While some days I wish there were just more hours with which to work, I know that more time would not necessarily equate to increased productivity or even to more sleep…although I do wish that were the case.


I have found that the following tips and tricks help me keep my sanity when thoughts are popping into my head faster than a three-year old can climb onto the counter and get into a batch of fresh-from-the-oven cookies:


  1. I keep a writing utensil and paper close whenever possible. Sure, more often than not the writing utensil is a crayon and the paper is the ripped-off corner of a kid;s coloring book, but the important thing is that I know where those things are at all times. This way, when I get an idea for, say, a great article, I can write it down before my mind is filled again with dinner plans and work.
  2. I have a place to file all the previously mentioned scraps of thought-filled paper. Let’s be honest: it is INCREDIBLY easy to misplace things, let alone small pieces of paper scribbled on in haste throughout a busy day. I have found that I do best by keeping everything idea-related in the drawer of my nightstand. I know that the kiddos will never get into it, I can close it so that a gust of wind from the window does not blow things around, and I can easily find what I a, looking for when I want it.
  3. Dry Erase markers are amazing. They write on mirrors and windows and wipe off with ease – the perfect solution for people like me that find inspiration (for whatever reason) while doing mundane things like taking a shower or brushing my teeth. I have been known to pen entire articles that flow from the mirror to the shower door to the window; while it is not necessarily conventional, it works for me.
  4. I use a planner as often as I can. The simple act of knowing what each day or week holds works wonders for a hectic schedule. Even though things can – and do – change by the minute, having one place to keep everything straight can be a life saver. This way I always know where my pockets of time both big and small will be so that I am prepared to write when time allows.

I encourage everyone to find what works for you – it does not have to be what works for me or for your friend or for your neighbor two houses down; it just has to work for you. Before you know it, the ideas and words filling your head will find their way onto paper and you will start to see the results of writing well done.





Sexy nursing Bras – the good, bad, and ugly

I ran across an interesting article today (found at talking about companies that have started making “sexy” lingerie-like nursing bras. It is an interesting concept…one that I am still not sure what I think about. Should nursing receive “sexy” treatment when it is really a nurturing, personal thing? Conversely, is there any reason why mommies should not have better options when it comes to nursing bra selections? What do you think?

JP us a great site I found. It is still in its infancy but I have never started blogging somewhere that was just picking up steam – it is SO COOL to be one of the first bloggers! I invite all mommies to join in – we have a unique chance to guide a site’s content and its users to what is important to us; let’s do it! 🙂




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