Jennah Mitchell's Musings

A compendium of thoughts, ideas, projects, and more


The following is a list of websites and blogs that I frequent often, have a vested interest in, or just love the look of. Enjoy!

The Painted Diaper

This is a non-profit site that is headed by one of my very best friends, Asha Grinnell. Asha has partnered with an orphanage in Haiti that specialized in Neonatal and premature birth care to raise money for the equipment and technology that they need to continue saving the lives of infants. As Asha knows firsthand the special needs that preemie babies have, she is a wonderful advocate for the orphanage and has created a truly fabulous project in The Painted Diaper.

Derrick Mitchell Design

Yes – Derrick is my husband, and yes – we work together. However, I can honestly say that he is one of the most creative and gifted people that I have come across in the field of service-based work. Also, he is a pretty cool guy to boot! 🙂

Fresh Life Church

Who says church has to be drab and boring? Fresh Life turns the religious status quo on its head both in their graphics, their message, and in the way that they are committed to reaching the lost for Christ.


The Unrefined Kitchen

Founded by my friend Jennifer Maltby, the Unrefined Kitchen is a wealth of wonderfully delicious recipes and tips for cooks looking to take their healthy cooking to the next level. She also guest blogs from time to time –  you can view one of my favorite posts here. Move over Paula Deen, Jennifer is in the kitchen, and it smells DELICIOUS!


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